Character & Fitness

Has your admission to the Illinois Bar been questioned and/or declined by the Character & Fitness Committee?

Are you an Illinois law graduate who passed the Illinois Bar Exam? Congratulations! You should feel proud of all the hard work you put in for the past 3 years. Is your celebration muted because you received a letter from the Character & Fitness Committee? Maybe they have identified an issue with your application that they want to learn more about; or, they may have already declined your admission to the Bar.

You can’t believe that you have another hurdle to climb after passing the Illinois Bar Exam. You are probably overwhelmed by the possibility that the start of your legal career will be delayed; or worse, you may not be able to join the legal profession at all.

You may be smart enough to handle your case on your own, but you are unfamiliar with the Character & Fitness process and your emotions may be getting in the way. Wouldn’t you like to speak with a lawyer who will partner with you; and help you navigate the Character & Fitness process without judging you or the issues that may be blocking your admission?

You can contact Ms. Wood at (312) 396-4060 to schedule a one-hour consultation. After the date is set and the fee is paid, you will be provided with directions so you can safely provide Ms. Wood with the documents relevant to your matter prior to the meeting. During the meeting, Ms. Wood will review the facts of your matter and the documents with you; and provide you with a candid assessment of your case. At the end of the meeting, Ms. Wood will provide you with a recommended approach for next steps. Depending on where you are in the process, Ms. Wood can:

Walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of your matter;

Prepare you for your initial appearance before the Character & Fitness Committee; and

 Provide strategic defense for your Character & Fitness Hearing.

Having the right partner is crucial to your success. Even if you and/or Ms. Wood conclude that she is not the right partner for your journey, it is recommended that you take the time to identify the right partner to help you navigate the Character & Fitness process. Your legal career is at stake. You have come so far. Don’t try to overcome this last part of your journey alone.

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