WELCOME TO THE ETHICS CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION (CLE) PROGRAM SECTION. Here you can find out answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ethics CLE requirements and learn about programs offered by LEC.

What are the CLE requirements for Illinois lawyers?

Illinois lawyers are required to obtain a total of 30 continuing legal education credits every two years. Reporting periods are staggered by last name of the attorney. Of the 30 required credits, 6 of them must be ethics credits. If you want to learn more about the reporting requirements you should contact the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board at or (312) 924-2420. Their office is located at 200 West Madison Street, Suite 900, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

How can I obtain my ethics credits?

Generally, you should be able to get most of your ethics credits through your bar association. There are also free ethics webinars on the ARDC website which can be found at

What kind of ethics programming does LEC provide?

The principal of LEC, Allison Wood, is a frequent presenter of Ethics CLE programming for area bar associations. Having been a Hearing Board Chair for 7 years and a Litigation Counsel for nearly 5 years, Ms. Wood has a unique perspective on the disciplinary process and what lawyers need to know to stay out of trouble.

What bar associations has Ms. Wood provided Ethics CLE presentations?

Ms. Wood has presented approved Ethics CLE courses to the following bar associations:

American Immigration Lawyers Association

Black Women Lawyers’ Association

Chicago Bar Association

Cook County Bar Association

Decalogue Society

DuPage County Bar Association

Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois 

Illinois State Bar Association

Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lake County Bar Association

Minority CLE Conference

What do lawyers say about Ms. Wood’s ethics presentations?

Sheila Maloney
Administrative Law Judge and Mediator

My students at NIU College of Law were amazed by Allison’s presentation regarding IL Character and Fitness. She was informative, dynamic, and made the presentation interactive. The students were even discussing the topic long after the bell rang. I will certainly invite her back!
March 4, 2014.

Kevin Lee (now Circuit Court Judge) 

I greatly enjoyed Allison’s insightful and informative presentation on Legal Ethics. Allison brought a unique perspective to the topic of legal ethics having worked as a practicing attorney, Hearing Board Chair and Litigation Counsel with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (“ARDC”). The presentation was well researched and chocked full of useful case citations presented in a creative and engaging style that held the interest of all the participants. Allison’s mastery of the subject matter was clear throughout the presentation as she drew upon a deep reservoir of real world experiences as examples and cautionary tales to underscore her points. She will be my “go to” person on any issues that arise involving legal ethics. December 13, 2013.

What are some of the topics of the ethics presentations give by Ms. Wood? 

Ethics presentations by Ms. Wood have included the following topics:

  • Top Ten Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Risk of Disciplinary and Malpractice Claims
  • How Lawyers Can Ethically Navigate Social Media
  • Litigator’s Ethical Duties to Courts, Clients, and Adversaries
  • Ten Things You Must Do to Ethically Close Your Practice
  • Why Solo/Small Firms Have a High Risk of Being the Subject of a Disciplinary or Malpractice Claim
  • Understanding the ARDC Disciplinary Process
  • Preventing, Protecting and Prevailing in ARDC Inquiries
  • Civility and Professionalism
  • Understanding the Relationship between the Disciplinary Process and Malpractice Claims

If you need an ethics speaker or moderator for your event, or you would like to learn about customized programming and workshops that target your audience, please call (312) 753-6951 so we can discuss how we can meet your needs.

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