Expert Evaluations & Testimony FAQs

WELCOME TO THE EXPERT EVALUATIONS AND TESTIMONY SECTION. If you are a legal malpractice attorney, these frequently asked questions are designed to help you to consider whether you would want to engage LEC as an ethics expert in your case.

What are some of the recommended factors to consider when searching for an expert?

Every litigator wants an experienced expert who has a desire and ability to understand the issues; a willingness to be available on an as needed basis and to work on the matter independently; an appreciation for how the opinion fits into the case and its significance to the outcome; and an ability to teach a judge or a jury in a way that is appealing and not condescending.

What are some of the recommended qualities to consider when searching for an ethics attorney as an expert?

You would want to consider how much experience the ethics attorney has had with an attorney disciplinary agency; whether they have ever worked with an attorney disciplinary agency or represented clients before an attorney disciplinary agency. You would want to examine ethics articles penned by the ethics attorney; review ethics programs presented; and the number of professional responsibility courses taught. An ethics attorney with considerable trial experience will be able to understand your case theory and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

What are some of the reasons I might want to consider retaining LEC for expert evaluations and testimony?

Ms. Wood, Principal of LEC, has nearly 15 years of experience working with and interpreting the Rules of Professional Conduct. She has experience investigating, prosecuting, and defending attorney misconduct cases. She also has experience adjudicating attorney misconduct cases. She taught Professional Responsibility courses at two area law schools; and she is a frequent ethics presenter at local and suburban bar associations. She writes a monthly ethics column in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. She will provide well-written and comprehensive reports of her findings; and her strong interpersonal skills will make her an appealing witness at trial.

To schedule a consultation for an ethics expert evaluation for your legal malpractice case contact Ms. Wood at (312) 396-4060; or email her at and request a copy of her curriculum vitae.

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