Expert Testimony

You are a legal malpractice attorney. You know that the question of liability may rest on whether the attorney breached his/her standard of care in relation to the representation in issue.

Some courts may consider the Rules of Professional Conduct as a guide to determining the standard of care and whether it has been breached. A case evaluation by an experienced legal ethics attorney can be beneficial in providing meaningful insights as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Ms. Wood is available to serve as a consultant or expert witness in matters involving attorneys accused of professional wrongdoing. Her qualifications include the following:

· Former Litigation Counsel, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
· Former Hearing Board Chair, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
· Investigated over 200 ethics complaints against attorneys
· Prosecuted nearly 50 cases against attorneys accused of professional malfeasance
· Represented numerous attorneys accused of professional malfeasance
· Frequent presenter on legal ethics and professional responsibility for CLE programs
· ABA Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee Member
· Taught professional responsibility at both DePaul and John Marshall
· 29 years’ experience as a practicing litigator

Testimonial: “Allison provided expert witness services for my law firm, and I was very pleased with the results. Allison is intelligent, professional and organized. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of legal ethics, and is clearly passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her in the future for any legal ethics situation or question which may arise.” David A. Dobson, Johnstone & Gabhart, LLP

To schedule a consultation for an ethics evaluation of your legal malpractice case contact Ms. Wood at (312) 396-4060; or email her at and request a copy of her curriculum vitae. An initial opinion can generally be provided within two weeks of receiving relevant documents.

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