LEC Webinars

What is Lawyer Well-Being and Why Ignoring it Could Hurt Your Career

Find out why the Illinois MCLE rules were changed to include programs on lawyer well-being, what is meant by “lawyer well-being”, and how this all relates to increasing your risk of facing a disciplinary or legal malpractice claim. FREE for a limited time during these stressful times.

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Are you Fit to Practice Law: Understanding the Character & Fitness Process

As part of the process of obtaining a law license, all bar applicants must be evaluated by what is called the Character & Fitness Committee. You will not be allowed to practice law unless this Committee recommends your admission. Sign up now for this program to learn more about the Character & Fitness process and the kinds of things in your record that might impact your chances for admission. FREE for a limited time during these stressful times.

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How can I be more focused in my practice? What should I do if the practice I have is not the practice I want? How can I better manage my clients? Am I doing everything I can to avoid being the subject of a disciplinary or malpractice claim? If you have been asking any of these questions, you may be in need of a “make-over.”

My 5 week on-line coaching program called “Solo Practice Make-Over”, may be the program you need to move your practice from where it is, to where you want to be. Every week I work with a small group of solo lawyers and we unpack a different aspect of your practice to see what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can better protect your license.

Are you ready to work “on” your practice, to invest time and expense to learn how to gain more focus, more control, and reduce your stress? Then take the first step. Call me at (312) 396-4060 so we can have a free informational call and to register you for the very next cohort. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with you.